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Filimbeni Srl is firmly at the helm of the restaurant for over Zairo 25 age.
The location is nothing short of exceptional: In fact, the restaurant overlooks right Prato della Valle, that as well as being the largest square of the city it is also one of the largest in Europe. The name Zairo reveals ancient roots: Zairo was the fact that the theater in Roman times extended from today in front of the restaurant to the Island Memmia, the heart of Prato della Valle. The architecture of local history testifies: you are therefore fully justified if, between one course and another, lifting up his eyes to the aisles supported by columns, or even if you will let you capture a fresco depicting two griffins rampant that encircle a shield dating back to 1673.

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Prato della Valle was called in Roman times "Campus Martius", just because he was the chosen venue for military meetings. She was given the name current under the Savoy, just want to understand a wide paved area is not used for commercial. Prato della Valle was also the starting point of the famous "Piste", ie roads which in Roman times departed from this square to reach Rome and the Adriatic Sea.

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